Turn it ON or OFF

  • Have a misplaced or stolen card? Immediately turn it "off" which will decline any purchases or withdrawals instantly.
  • When your card is turned "on" it will allow purchases defined by the settings you choose.

What Else Does CardValet Do?

  • Helps you detect unauthorized activity quickly.
  • Let's you establish spending limits specific to your debit card or another Union Federal debit card.
  • Restricts transactions by using My Location (utilizing the GPS inside your smartphone) allowing your debit card to only be used in the vicinity of your smartphone.
  • Control the merchants at which your card can be used such as grocery stores, fuel, or entertainment just to name a few.
  • Plus More!

CardValet Alerts

  • Keep informed of transactions, wherever you are.
  • Real time alerts available inside the CardValet app and/or in your smartphone notifications.
  • The instant alerts provide you with an additional layer of fraud protection.

Help & Support

Getting Started with the App and your card

  • Open the CardValet App and click the "New User" button.
  • Enter your Union Federal Debit Card number.
  • Next you'll be asked to enter your address, ZIP code, card expiration date, CVV security code, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Note: In order to successfully sign up, the information you enter must match the record Union Federal has on file exactly.
  • You will be asked to create a username and password for CardValet.

Registering Replaced or Additional Cards

  • Go to the Manage Portfolio screen and select "Add Card" and follow the prompts.
  • If you have received a replacement card with a new number you need to add the new card to CardValet.
  • If you have recently asked for a Union Federal MyCard photo debit card you will need to add it as a new card to CardValet.

Removing/Deleting Debit Cards

  • Please remember cards you remove from CardValet will cancel any controls you set on that debit card.
  • Go to the Manage Portfolio screen and uncheck the card to disable it. You can re-enable the card by checking the box next to it.


Controls only affect transactions when the card is present. Controls will not affect preauthorized debits or internet transactions. When any of the controls are changed they will only affect transactions from that point forward.

  • Turning the Card On/Off
    • Select the card you want to turn on or off then tap the "Card ON/OFF" button. The card pictured above will show the current status of the card. A green dot signifies it is ON and a red dot signifies it is OFF.
    • When the card is OFF it cannot be used anywhere until it is turned back on.
  • My Location Setting
  • When turned on, it will only allow transactions on your debit card when in the same location as your smartphone's GPS location.
  • My Location works with your phone GPS and the address the business reports to Mastercard. If the locations do not match within a reasonable distance then the transaction is declined.
  • If your phone is off for more than an hour, My Location controls will temporarily turn off until your smartphone is powered back on again.
  • My Location cannot be selected if Block International has been selected for the card.
  • My Regions Setting
  • You can create 3 different regions where you can utilize your card.
  • My Regions option cannot be selected if Block International has been selected for the card.
  • Block International Setting
  • Does not allow transactions outside of my country.
  • If this option is turned on, the My Regions and My Locations settings cannot be utilized.

Alert Preferences

  • You can send alerts for All Transactions, Preferred Transactions you select, or none.
  • By default all transactions will be sent to your phone and will appear in your smartphone notifications or under Messages in CardValet.

Recent Transactions & Low Balance Alert

  • For your convenience, the transactions from the previous 30 days (up to a maximum of 50) are availble in the CardValet App by selecting "Recent Transactions."
  • Transactions will only be refreshed when logging into CardValet or tapping the refresh button in the upper left hand corner of the CardValet App.
  • Low Balance Alerts are also available in CardValet. However, CardValet only checks your balance when you logon to the App or tap the refresh button in the upper left hand corner of the CardValet App.

CardValet is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc. and its affiliates.


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