Community Community

Union Federal and its employees have been involved in the communities we serve since the Association was founded in 1890. As a mutual thrift, our underlying reason for existing is to provide housing and be a financial resource for the people of the communities we serve. We take this duty very seriously and strive to support local community fundraisers, cultural events, organizations, and projects. Our Sponsorships page provides a sampling of the major events and organizations that Union Federal has supported financially. Numerous other causes have been supported by the Association throughout our existance.

Union Federal has a long history of employees serving on local boards, and in local civic and charitable organizations. It is not enough to be in a community; our company philosophy is to be a part of each community we serve. Since we are a smaller financial institution, we have the ability to know our customers and their families. Many larger financial institutions, due to the sheer volume of transactions, aren't able to interact with customers as well as we do.

In addition to our sponsorships, the employees participate in various activities throughout the year that help our customers and neighbors. Our Activities page gives some examples of the types of events in which we participate.

Children are also very important to our goal of serving our communities. We have designed several products and services over the years specifically for children. These products and services usually focused on education and financial responsibility. We offer Passbook Savings Accounts and a Penny Savers Kids Club for children and Student Checking Accounts for high school and college students. These accounts are designed to encourage children to save while teaching them the importance of saving. Union Federal provides the local school's 5th grade students with an educational world map which provides their teachers with social study course materials.

We have added a Kids Corner page that allows children to print some fun pages that will educate and entertain them. Our Kids Club mascot, Penny, will help the children learn about responsibility and the environment.